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The cult of Scientology is pretty good at repeating constantly “not a single cure” when it comes to psychiatry. Even Mary Sue, Hubbards 2.5th wife, was not declared SP.

Could it be that they are accusing others of what they are doing? Fact is: All children except Diana were or are SPs. She was offered the OT levels, but was constantly escorted by cult SP watchdogs.

Then eighteen she was one of the Commodore’s staff Aides, who formed the senior management body directly under Hubbard.

She was engaged to another Sea Org officer and had a reputation on board for being cold and authoritarian, although she was much admired by the messengers for her long auburn hair, her beauty and her status; they called her ‘Princess Diana’.” 5th Quentin Quentin had the saddest story of all. He had to be the Class XII auditor that he never wanted to be. It is very sad that Scientology stigmatizes gay people as 1.1 (=covert hostile), more or less the worst people in the world.

He already knew his father long enough before Scientology even kicked off.

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    The Bell Companies throughout the world, including in Great Britain, went on to use the Blake transmitter in their telephones for 20 years.

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    You can designate any location as a publishing location for the outputs from the SOP Express Desktop.

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    Notice: IMBRA ("International Marriage Broker Regulation Act") is current Federal legislation that was first passed in 2006.