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Like a lot of things in the military, this is a “yes, but…” answer. What are the status (active duty, reserve, national guard) of the people in the relationship? The reality though is that it is a grey area, especially if you're a drilling member in reserve status.

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The change strikes a short-lived policy limiting soldiers to four tattoos below the elbow or knee, none bigger than the wearer's hand.

Face, neck and hand tattoos, however, remain against regulation, with the exception of one ring tattoo per hand.

Serving part-time, you get to choose your life path now, deciding where you want to live, what your civilian career will look like, and more.

Your skills and experience from any branch of service may transfer to the Guard.

Prior Service Enlistment Bonus If you enlist into a critical skill MOS, you may eligible for the Prior Service Enlistment Bonus (PSEB).

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