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It comes as the council faces the challenge of saving £30m by 2020 against a backdrop of reduced government funding, increased staffing costs after the introduction of the national living wage, and an increased demand for statutory services such as adult social care.While the exact number of job cuts is not known, it is believed that the greatest impact will be seen by staff whose roles can most easily be replaced by an increased reliance on technology and digitalisation.

The Shorts’ daughter, Amanda Yule, 47, said her father was loath to leave so he rented it for five years after it closed, before buying it for £800 in 1970.‘We’d love a railway enthusiast to buy the station and keep it just as it is.’ Built in 1851, the station still has its original signal box, ticket office, waiting room and platform and its buildings are full of railway memorabilia – right down to the enamelled advertising hoardings for Gold Flake cigarettes and the platform’s Victorian gas lamps.

It served its community for decades, taking deliveries of milk churns and food on the platform and allowing villagers to travel the length of the small branch line, but was abandoned by British Rail when Dr Beeching's axe fell in 1965, leaving it to the care of its station master who purchased it for just £800.

Adult social care staff will be challenged to look at preventative care and early interventions rather than a reactive approach.

The third and fourth strands will look at the way the council commissions and procures services as well as commercialisation – the way council assets can be used to generate income.

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